The 18th-19th of NOVEMBER 2018


The18-19 November, the fifth All-Belarusian Forum of Animal Breeders was held in Minsk. The forum presented the best supplier companies in the field of agriculture, veterinary medicine and food industry, among which "Ankar-Imek" and "Technology Innovations Analytics Science - Trade".

Every year, the All-Belarusian Forum of Animal Breeders becomes a real professional platform for sharing experiences, getting information about market innovations, as well as for open dialogue of all participants. That day more than 400 representatives of organizations of the Republic of Belarus and neighboring countries took part in the significant event of the year for the agricultural industry. Veterinarians, livestock technicians and farm managers discussed problematic issues and prospects for the industry, and Forum partners presented their products and services in various formats and communicated with potential customers in a formal and informal setting.

The forum program traditionally included sections: cattle, pig breeding, and poultry farming. At the same time, except for the section "Cattle. General issues ", were separately allocated to the section" Cattle. Questions of veterinary medicine "and" cattle. Zoo technology questions”, which allowed with the help of experts to delve into the specifics of work, to get answers to questions and learn about current trends in the work of the veterinarian and zoo technician.