1. Will the Extenso project be included in GOST?

- In February 2019, GOST R is planned to be released, which is currently being developed by VNIMI. After that, interstate GOST will be developed.

2. How does the list of Extenso contaminants identified correspond to Decision 28?

- Today, the list of detectable antibiotics and toxins with the Extenso platform covers more than 80% of the list of Decision No. 28. Work is underway to increase the list to achieve 100% overlap.

3. Is it possible to analyze finished products or does the platform work only with raw milk?

- Yes there is. Extenso provides for research of 30 types of finished products.

4. Is it possible to transport the device between the production buildings, laboratories, as well as the raw material zones?

- Yes. The device is mobile, highly accurate and not influenced by environmental factors. The device can work from the rechargeable battery.

5. . Do I need to check the device and will it be entered in the Registry?

- Since the research method is not quantitative, but qualitative, there is no need to enter this device in the Registry. You only need to check the thermostat-incubator once a year.

6. What is the percentage of false positive / false negative results?

- Less than 0.1%.