The company "Unisensor" (Belgium) - the world leader in the research, development, production and promotion of innovative rapid methods for laboratory research. For 20 years, the company specializes in applied technical diagnostics in the field of food and veterinary medicine.

For 20 years, Unisensor has specialized in applied technical diagnostics in the field of food production and veterinary medicine. The company manufactures devices and reagent kits that are used to control the quality of products. Unisensor develops highly accurate, innovative and easy-to-use diagnostic rapid tests. The Extenso platform, developed by Unisensor, is a multipurpose tool for detecting residual amounts of antibiotics and toxins in milk. The biggest problem encountered when creating sets, is that experts work with material that is taken from living beings. Over the years, the most important control parameters, which ensured the quality of the Unisensor products, were the deliveries of this material and its study. This is a key aspect of the knowledge and experience of the company "Unisensor". Today, the company "Unisensor" is represented in more than 60 countries around the world.